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Town Sign of Borculo, The Netherlands. Picture taken by William Barklow on a past trip to the area
About the year 1662, two brothers, William Janse Van Borcelo and Herman Janse Van Borcelo, emigrated from the little hamlet of Borculo located in the Duchy of Zutphen, a province of Gelderland in the United Netherlands. They settled near the small Dutch village of New Amsterdam which is today New York City. The purpose of this web site is to gather information about the BARKLOW family in America. 

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      It all goes back to the earliest days of what is now New York City -- actually before there was a New York. Henry Hudson, the dutch exployer had been the first to sail up the river that now bears his name, and in the process discovered what is now called the island of Manahattan. Hudson and other Dutch exployers liked the looks of the area, so they bought the island from the indians for the well-publicized twenty-four dollars worth of goods and trinkets. 

     They started a village, and called it New Amsterdam. The Dutch West India Company was formed, and in 1653, the word soon got back to Holland that many opportunities existed in the New World for ambitious people with an adventurous spirit. 

     A 36-year old man who met this description left his home near Borculo in Holland with his wife and two children, and came to America. His name was  HARMEN JANS LUBBERDINCK. 

     It was the practice in many European countries at that time, to add the name of the town or area from which they originated to the end of their name, so Harman reported his name to be HARMEN JANS LUBBERDINCK VAN BORCULO, the word "Van" being Dutch for "of" or "from". 

     Well, people were not too particular about how their names were entered in whatever records were kept in those days, so somehow the VAN BORCULO became Harmen's official name and the Lubberdinck part was dropped. The changes did not stop there of course. 

     Harmen's son's name was recorded without the "van" and "Borculo" was misspelled to become BARKELOO. In the next generation the name became BARKELOW, and in subsequent generations the name has been spelled BARKLOW, BARTLOW and in many, many other ways. 

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 by Jim Barklow, Concord, NH.
*** This interesting account of the Barklow name was                        contributed by Rod Barklow 
Map of New Amsterdam.