Cornelia Van Salee
(c1638 - c1665) 
     Cornelia's grandfather Jan was a Dutch pirateer who operated out of the Moroccan port of Salee. By the year 1619 he had a fleet of 18 vessals which preyed upon shipping interests all  along the atlantic coast, the Mediteranian and the Indian Ocean. When Salee briefly became an independant republic Jan was elected President and Admiral of the Navy.
     Cornelia's father Anthony grew up in Morocco but returned to The Netherlands around 1628. There he met Grietje Reyniers and they were married in 1630 while on board a ship heading to New Amsterdam - which is now New York City. 
     Anthony purchased a great deal of property in what is now Manhattan and became a  wealthy farmer and landowner.
     Cornelia, his second daughter married Willem Janse Van Borculo in 1658. She died at the age of 27.
Jan Jansen Van Haarlem ( c1590 - c1642 )
   -----Anthony (The Turk) Jansen Van Salee (1607 - 1676) m. Grietje Reyniers
          -----Cornelia Van Salee (1638 - 1665) m. Willem Janse Lubberdinck Van Borculo(1621-1683)
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